Nutrition Education

Horry County Council on Aging conducts Nutrition Education sessions at all of its senior centers once a month. The topics and sessions are created by our Nutrition Coordinator who is Sew Safe certified, and state of South Carolina qualified to instruct. These nutrition topics are researched and approved by the Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging. The nutrition subjects are shared at the monthly managers meeting with all senior center mangers. They in turn cover the information with the seniors at their centers.

Our seniors enjoy these nutrition education sessions. It provides another way for Horry County Council on Aging to provide beneficial senior information while ensuring healthy eating habits for aging adults.

Below is a list of sources that we use for Nutrition Education instruction. This source list is approved by the Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging.

1. USDA Food and Information Center Older Adults General Nutrition Resource List

2. NDSU Resources

3. NDSU Boomers Newsletter

4. University of Nebraska Lincoln (Older adult materials only)

5. University of Florida IFAS Extension

6. Cooking and Kitchen Safety Tips for Older Adults

7. My Plate for Older Adults

8. USDA My Plate Ten tips series

Materials and Resources to Avoid

• The Food Pyramid
• Articles from webpages such as E-How, or ASK, Huffington Post, and/or blogs
• Articles from popular magazines such as Good Housekeeping, SELF, or Redbook
• Popular diet books or popular nutrition books
• Dr. Oz and other popular media personalities
• Materials promoting a product or nutrition fad (i.e. cleansing, detox diets, enzyme nutrition)

Please click here for some examples of our nutrition education sessions.

Please click here to download a copy of our menus for our senior centers.

Please click here to download a copy of our menus for our home delivered meals.