Our Administration Team

As the state designated “focal point” senior service agency, our board of directors is responsible for overseeing programs, the budget, policies and procedures. The Executive Director and the Deputy Director are responsible for daily operations including staff supervision. Together, the Board and Administrative staff collaborate to diligently create and maintain programs and services to care for our senior citizen population.






  • Executive Director – Ray Fontaine
  • Deputy Director – Elaine Gore
  • Marketing Coordinator - Laura Cason



Board of Directors:


  • Chairman – Bobby Jordan
  • Vice Chairperson – Joyce Calabrese
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Johnny Shelley
  • Gerata Strickland
  • Leslie McIver, Sr.
  • Leatha Carson
  • Robert Fogner
  • Patricia Murray
  • Ellie Maroon
  • Maurice Jones
  • Naomi Bethea
  • LeRoy Marcotte

    Emeritus Members:
  • Charlotte Gerald
  • Lacie Shelley